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EV Charging for Strata Managers & Committees

EV charging for Strata Committees

The shift towards electric vehicles is undeniable, and the Australian government's commitment to this transition only strengthens the case for strata committees to provide the necessary infrastructure for their residents. As a strata committee, keeping up with this change and providing EV charging options for your residents is a crucial step towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Allow Chargex to guide you through the process of installing EV chargers into your apartment building. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of the installation process is understood and seamless, from start to finish. By partnering with Chargex, you can be confident that your building is equipped with the latest and most efficient EV charging technology.

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There have been many recent changes to strata legislation in regards to EV charging in residential apartment buildings. With new developments required to include EV charging infrastructure to their buildings, it makes sense that existing building's will need to make the necessary changes also. 

Check out our article that outlines key strata legislation and requirements when considering installing EV charging infrastructure. 

Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure can benefit strata committees in several ways:


Increased demand
Installing EV charging stations in an apartment building can make the building more attractive to potential residents who own EVs, thereby increasing demand and attracting a wider range of tenants.


Competitive Advantage
Offering EV charging as an amenity sets the building apart from others and makes it more attractive to environmentally conscious residents.


Increased property value
Having EV charging infrastructure in a building can increase the overall value of the property, making it more attractive to potential buyers.


As the number of EVs on the road continues to grow, having charging infrastructure in place will ensure that the building remains relevant and up-to-date with changing technology and consumer preferences.

Apartment Ev charging

What is the process for installing EV charger infrastructure into our building?


  • Electrical capacity 
    Before installing EV charger infrastructure in older buildings, it's important to consider their electrical capacity. Fortunately, our EV management software can help ensure that the building's electrical load is never exceeded. To determine the appropriate type of system and the number of chargers that can be installed and operated simultaneously, it's necessary to determine the building's available electrical capacity.

  • Installation options
    Choose between different installation options:

    • T1 - Install EV backbone only.

      • EV backbone is the installation of the EV charger infrastructure only. Which includes installing the EV network, EV power distribution panel/s and the EV software hub that controls everything. This option prepares the building for any future EV charger requirements, so if any resident wishes to connect a new EV charger, they can do so at their own expense and be billed directly for the use of common area power!

    • T2 - Installation of T1 EV cable tray pathways and cabling provisions

      • T2 offers everything in T1 + cabling pathways and cabling installation for each car space, excluding the EV chargers. In cases where many EVs are expected in the near future, some committees may wish to install cabling to each car space to prepare for the installation of EV chargers. EV owners are responsible for paying for their own EV charger installations.
        To facilitate future connection to the building's EV chargers system, Chargex provides an isolator point to each car space. This makes it easy for EV owners to connect their chargers when required.


    • T3 - Installation of T1 + T2 + EV chargers

      • T3 offers the full package. EV infrastructure, software setup, cabling pathways, cabling and EV chargers installed and commissioned to each car space requiring charging.
        This is the most expensive option for committees, but offers an all in one solution for buildings where EV chargers are required straight away.



























  • Building Approval
    The strata committee must assess and determine the best course of action for their building. We can assist during the approval process, answering any questions and helping other members of the committee or residents to understand our system, to be better equipped to make informed decisions.  

  • Installation
    Once the electrical design has been approved, the installation of the charging infrastructure can begin. This typically involves the installation of cable trays, the running of cabling, and the installation of the charging stations themselves.
    Depending on the scope of works, it can take anywhere from days to weeks to complete an installation. 
    All installations will incur downtime of the building main electrical switchboard/s. This is coordinated with all residents of the building and as much as 1-2 months notice provided. Typically, downtime would be no more than 1 working day.


  • Testing and Commissioning
    Once the installation is complete, the charging infrastructure is tested to ensure that it is functioning correctly and meets all relevant safety standards. This typically involves a series of electrical tests, as well as functional tests to confirm that the chargers are working correctly.

  • Charging Management System
    A charging management system is installed to control and monitor the charging process. This system is responsible for managing the allocation of charging stations, setting charging rates, and providing real-time information about the status of each charger.

  • Ongoing Maintenance
    Finally, regular maintenance is required to ensure that the charging infrastructure continues to function correctly and meets all relevant safety standards. This may include regular electrical safety tests, as well as maintenance of the charging stations and the charging management system.




Installation of hardware requirements to set up the software only:

New power meter

EV switchboard/s

EV server/ data rack

Software + module/ hub

Hardware cabling


T1 + Cabling pathways and EV charger cabling:

Cable tray/ path-way

Charger power cabling

Charger Data cabling

Conduit work

Charger Isolator points

Ready to connect

T1 + T2 + EV charger installation and commission:

EV charger installed per car space

Set up in software for billing and end user management

Billing & electricity separation Managed by Chargex

How does the Billing work?

Chargex EV charging Sydney
Chargex EV charging Sydney

Billing is made easy with Chargex managing your EV electricity network.

Here's the process:

  1. Metering
    Once Chargex has installed the metering infrastructure to your building, we can see in real time, the electricity consumed per charger so that we can determine who pays for what. EV users are billed per month for their EV charger usage. 

  2. Strata Billing
    Each month of the billing cycle, EV users will be billed for their electricity usage from Chargex.
    Chargex will then work with your strata provider to pay for the additional electricity costs incurred by the new EV charger users.


  3. EV Charger App  
    EV user billing is managed all from one app. EV users can see in real time, their electricity usage and costs so there are no surprises.

Chargex EV charging Sydney


Chargex EV charging Sydney



Our quality of service and product delivery is important to us and we know it is important to you too.
We aim to provide you with the best investment for your home or business, with a high quality experience from start to finish!


Investing in your future or the future of your business can be a fulfilling experience and we're here to help make that experience worth it.

We do all the work for you, from the first estimate to your completed EV charging infrastructure installation. Simple and hassle free. You can be sure your investment is in good hands with Chargex.


We understand meeting project deadlines are important, so we strive to maintain great communication and professionalism whilst also keeping focus on key project targets and expectations.


The foundation of Chargex was built upon the conviction of playing a role in reducing our carbon impact.

Allow us to assist you in reducing yours as well and lets make a difference together!


Finding the right advice for your project can be just as important as the upgrade itself.

Knowing key information about your building and energy usage can help us determine the best install type for you.


At Chargex, our skilled installers and knowledgeable staff have an in-depth understanding of EV charging infrastructure systems.

Rest assured that your building upgrades are being executed by seasoned experts, giving you the peace of mind that comes with a job well done!


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