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Frequently Asked Questions 


Does CHARGEX supply and install EV chargers too or just the building infrastructure?

Chargex can provide single EV charger installation services to homes or single dwelling businesses, which involves a basic supply from your existing electrical switchboard to your EV charger of choice (supply your own or let us supply one for you). 


Do we need to install Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers to install the infrastructure to our building?

No, we can install and commission your new building infrastructure without installing EV chargers.


What is the difference between an EV charger and EV charging infrastructure?

EV charging infrastructure is the backbone required to install multiple EV chargers into a single building with a multi lot car park/s. It involves installing hardware required to monitor and manage the building's main energy supply so that the EV Charging software can talk to and control any EV chargers installed into parking spaces, to ensure the building never exceeds it's current electrical capacity.

An EV Charger, is simply the outlet that would be installed into a parking space so that electric vehicle owners can plug and charge from their homes, work or anywhere that had EV charging available. These connect to our infrastructure.

Who pays for the EV charging infrastructure?

The building owners will pay for the infrastructure to be installed, whether it be a strata committee or developer. Installing EV charging infrastructure to your building becomes a permanent upgrade, in which it would increase the building value and it's ability to adapt to the future of electric vehicles.

Who pays for the EV chargers?

The electric vehicle owner will pay for their own chargers to be installed. They can either provide their own, or have Chargex supply and install a new charger port to their dedicated car space and commission via the existing infrastructure software. 



How can we bill lots for their electricity usage?

Via the software, Chargex manage the billing and communication with your strata for you. Because each charger would be connected to the software, we can assign chargers to unit/ lot numbers and invoice the electric vehicle owner directly to cover the common power electricity usage. 

Can older buildings be upgraded?

In most cases, yes. However, some older buildings may need electrical upgrades to accommodate for EV charging infrastructure, which we provide also.




Our Strata managers don't wish to manage the EV software, can Chargex help?

Yes, we provide ongoing support to the users of the software. Chargex manage the entire process so you don't have to. Billing EV users, energy management of your site and the communication to your strata managers to ensure the electricity bills are covered every month.

Will the software know to charge my EV during off peak hours only for more electricity cost savings?

Yes, the software can be calibrated to charge at anytime that suits each individual user. For most EV owners the off peak hours of the evening will be most cost efficient.

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