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Electric Car Charger

Expert EV Charger installations in Sydney
Let us "charge up" your home with one of our signature EV charger installations.

Supply your own EV Charger, or purchase from our online store.

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Professional EV Charger Installations in Sydney!

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What EV Charging Services do we offer?

House EV Charging

EV Charger installation into your home is made easy with Chargex. Our licensed installers will typically take 2-4 hours to install your new EV charger to your home, provided your house and electrical switchboard are adequate. Choose to supply your own EV charger or purchase from our online store .

Public EV Charging

We provide EV charging to public areas such as, shopping centres, multi storey public car parks, hotels, council parking lots and anywhere you could park your vehicle for public use.
DC fast chargers are the primary EV charger for this application and come with inbuilt software to safely manage your carpark EV chargers. Monetize your EV chargers or offer to the public for free. 

Apartment EV Charging

Chargex provides end to end apartment EV charging solutions. From determining the electrical capacity of a building, right through to software and billing management for EV users.

We provide infrastructure upgrades and installations to allow your building to handle many chargers at the same time.  

Fleet EV Charging

Fleet charging for larger businesses that are vehicle reliant, such as couriers, transportation and services, might require a more tailored approach to EV charger installation. 
We can provide multiple fast charging stations to your place of business for fast 1-2 hour fleet charging, so your business is always ready to go.

Business EV Charging

Are you thinking about providing EV charging to your business for you and/ or staff? Let Chargex help provide the best solution for your business type.
Providing EV charger access to staff can deliver additional tax offsets and benefits to staff and management. Contact us for a free consultation.

Government EV Charging

We can provide EV charger installation for government fleet vehicles such as transport vehicles, buses, service vehicles and many other government vehicles that will make the switch to electric. Providing the right charging solution for government fleet vehicles can be achieved through careful planning and with the right installers & equipment. 

EV Brands

EV Charger installations for all EV types & brands

Our EV charger installations are compatible with all electric vehicles in Australia. 

Audi EV Charger installation
BMW EV Charger installation
BYD EV Charger installation
CUPRA EV Charger installation
Ferrari EV Charger installation
Ford EV Charger installation
Genesis EV Charger installation
Hyundai EV Charger installation
Jaguar EV Charger installation
Kia EV Charger installation
LDV EV Charger installation
Lexus EV Charger installation
Mazda EV Charger installation
Mercedes Benz EV Charger installation
MG EV Charger installation
Mini Cooper EV Charger installation
Mitsubishi EV Charger installation
Nissan EV Charger installation
Peugeot EV Charger installation
Polestar EV Charger installation
Porsche EV Charger installation
Range Rover EV Charger installation
Renault EV Charger installation
Tesla EV Charger installation
Volvo EV Charger installation



QUBEV EV Charger

$2,145.00 Inc. GST 


Supply & Installation + 3 yr Warranty
T&C's apply


Teltocharge EV charging Sydney

$2,745.00 Inc. GST 


Supply & Installation + 3 yr Warranty
T&C's apply

evnex E2 EV charger

$2,495.00 Inc. GST 


Supply & Installation + 3 yr Warranty
T&C's apply

Electric Charging Station

EV Charger installation with

Our Process

Consultation and Site Assessment

Once we have discussed your EV charger requirements, we will assess your site and determine the most suitable location for your EV charger.
We also check your electrical panel to ensure it can handle the load of the new charger. This allows us to firm up the installation cost.


Choose the right Charger

Based on your needs and budget, we will help you select the right EV charger for your vehicle. We will also advise you on the type of charger that best suits your lifestyle, whether Level 1, Level 2, or DC fast charger.
Supply your own charger or purchase one of our premium EV chargers from our online store.


Installation of Infrastructure

This step involves installing a new electrical circuit or upgrading the existing one to handle the EV charger's load. Chargex will install the wiring, conduit, and any necessary electrical components. If your electrical panel requires an upgrade, we can also provide this service.


Mounting & Wiring the EV Charger

We will mount and wire the EV charger according to the manufacturer's specifications. We ensure that the charger is properly grounded, and all electrical connections are secure. Your EV charger can be wall mounted or a mounting post provided closer to your vehicle for ease of access.


Testing and Commissioning

After the installation is complete, we will test and commission the EV charger to ensure it is operating correctly. You will also be provided with a demonstration on how to use the charger and supplied with an installation certificate that is required if a warranty claim is ever required.


Ongoing Support

Chargex will provide ongoing support to ensure that your EV charger is working correctly. We will also provide maintenance and repair services when necessary. We also manage the billing and electricity distribution for strata and fleet customers. 


Most commonly installed EV charger types

level 1 EV charging Sydney


Plug & Charge using standard powerpoint
Cost effective
Portable, great for emergency use
Very slow charge rate (20hrs+)
Not compatible with all EV's
Limited range
level 2 EV charging Sydney


Choose from multiple power levels. (7.4kW, 11kW, 22kW)
Compatible with most EV's
Perfect for overnight charging
More expensive than level 1
Possible electric box upgrade
Not portable
dc fast charge EV charging Sydney


Super fast EV charging, less than
1hr in most cases
Great for public charging
Maximum compatibility with EV's
Very expensive to install
Not suitable for homes 
Sometimes unreliable

7.4 kW

11 kW

22 kW

Full charge in 4-6 hours

Single phase

Can be added to most existing switchboards

Suitable for most home applications (overnight charging)

Full charge in 2-4 hours

Single or three phase

Suitable for newer switchboards
(older switchboards may need upgrades)

Great for business or fleet charging

Full charge in 1-2 hours

Single or three phase

Suitable for newer switchboards
(older switchboards may need upgrade

Great for Public or Government Charging 

*Installation cost does not include EV charger. Installation cost based on standard installation conditions to a single dwelling house. Charger installed in close proximity to electrical switch board.
Prices not for apartment installation. Contact us for apartment charging pricing.

Chargex EV charging Sydney

installation costs

EV charger installation cost in Sydney

Single Phase 7.4kW-11kW EV Charger

Installed from
$1050 + GST*

New 32A safety switch installed into switchboard

Single phase cabling to EV charger from switchboard

Conduit work and installation sundries 

32A single phase Isolator installed next to EV charger

Installation Certificate and warranty statement 


Three Phase 11-22kW EV Charger

Installed from
$1350 + GST*

New 32A safety switch installed into switchboard

Three phase cabling to EV charger from switchboard

Conduit work and installation sundries 

32A three phase Isolator installed next to EV charger

Installation Certificate and warranty statement 


EV Charger

Installation Costs are unique per site

Site inspections are required for DC fast charger installation.

Factors to consider are switchboard capacity and existing electrical load.

Most DC fast charger installations will require load testing and EV charging software to manage effectively. 


Sidney Cityscape

installation service areas

Chargex EV charging Sydney

North Sydney

Northern Beaches

South Sydney

Eastern Suburbs

Sutherland Shire


Western Sydney

Sydney CBD

Inner West

Hills District


Chargex EV charging Sydney
Chargex EV charging Sydney




Our quality of service and product delivery is important to us and we know it is important to you too.
We aim to provide you with the best investment for your home or business, with a high quality experience from start to finish!


We understand meeting project deadlines are important, so we strive to maintain great communication and professionalism whilst also keeping focus on key project targets and expectations.


Investing in your future or the future of your business can be a fulfilling experience and we're here to help make that experience worth it.

We do all the work for you, from the first estimate to your completed EV charging infrastructure installation. Simple and hassle free. You can be sure your investment is in good hands with Chargex.


Our whole premise for the inception of Chargex is based on the belief we are doing our part to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Let us help you reduce yours too!


Finding the right advice for your project can be just as important as the upgrade itself.

Knowing key information about your building and energy usage can help us determine the best install type for you.


Our experienced installers and staff know these infrastructure systems well.

Have peace of mind knowing your building is being upgraded by experienced professionals.

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Will I need to upgrade my switchboard?


Can I charge my EV everyday?


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Public charging vs home charging?


Do I need permission to install a charger?


Can I control my EV charger from my phone?


What if I need to make a warranty claim?


Can Chargex upgrade my switchboard?


Can Chargex install multiple chargers?



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