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Teltonika's TeltoCharge stands out as the ultimate solution for EV charging needs. With its premium quality, exceptional functionality, and sleek design, this charging solution offers the ultimate combination of form and function. Its high level of customizability makes it the perfect choice for any EV charging project, big or small.

Not only does TeltoCharge provide an easy-to-use charging experience, it also comes equipped with smart features that are designed to save you time and money. Its high-quality build ensures reliability and durability for years to come, while its premium looks make it a stylish addition to any environment.

With Teltonika's TeltoCharge, you can be confident that you're investing in a top-of-the-line EV charging solution that delivers exceptional results. Say goodbye to subpar charging experiences and embrace the power of TeltoCharge to take your EV charging to the next level.

Teltonika TeltoCharge EV Charger

SKU: 364215376135191
  • The TelcoCharge EV range is a premium quality, highly customizable and easy-to-use EV charging solution, offering an exceptional product that combines functionality, premium looks, high-quality build and smart EV charging features to save you time and money.

    • Smart Mobile App: Innovative solutions combining functionality and smart EV charging features accessible via the Teltonika Energy app.
    • Customisable: Premium design with plenty of configuration options to choose from.
    • 3-Year Warranty: Robust and reliable build to withstand even the harshest outdoor elements.
    • Connect your EV charger to your smart device via Teltonika Energy APP to easily control your charger.
    • Quick and easy EV charging authorization using NFC card or app to prevent any unwanted usage.
    • Dynamic LED lights indicator showing power, connectivity and charging status.
    • Enjoy TeltoCharge to the fullest and don’t worry about a thing with their three-year warranty.


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