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The New Standard
Electric Vehicle Charging 

The Australian Government expects that 50% of all new car sales by 2030 will be electric vehicles. 

Let us help you get ready for the future.

Electric Vehicle Charger Installations | Chargex | Sydney

Simple EV Charging for Apartment buildings, Hotels, Parking lots, Shopping centres and more!

Upgrade your building with the technology to run multiple vehicle chargers without overloading peak electrical capacity. 

Chargex EV charging Sydney
Chargex EV charging Sydney
Chargex EV charging Sydney
How it works


EV charging infrastructure for multi use buildings

Simple hand over process and post installation support

Separate EV infrastructure metering 

Understanding existing building capacity for EV infrastructure

Different installation options to suit all budgets 

How we manage your EV charging infrastructure

EV users


Manage everything from one app

Managing your EV charging electricity usage

Simple billing, only pay for what you use

Why should you get your building ready for EV Charging?

Many countries are introducing plans to phase out petrol vehicles all together in the coming years and Australia won't be far behind.
The future of vehicles in Australia and around the world will be electric. With fuel prices increasing and electric vehicles becoming more and more cost friendly, it's clear that we will need to accommodate for the expansion of more and more electric vehicles filling up our car parks, and this is why our infrastructure upgrades are so important.

Do we need to install electric vehicle chargers now?

The simple answer is no. If you don't own an electric vehicle there is obviously no need for an electric vehicle charger now.
However, having the infrastructure ready to be able to handle newly installed chargers in the future is a key upgrade for any building that houses multi lot car spaces or garages (such as high rise or apartment buildings with underground parking). 

What are some of the key features of our EV infrastructure upgrades?

EV Load

By implementing Chargex into your building, we will be able to ensure that peak electrical capacity is never exceeded. Using smart technology and hardware, your building will be able to handle as many chargers as required. Our software limits the over use of electricity within the building and all EV charging is billed to the EV user.

Full control of your charging network

Ev users can manage their car space chargers from a single app. 

Features include:
- Lock & unlock chargers
- See electricity usage

- Manage charging costs
- Update user details
- Create/ close accounts

The entire billing process is managed by Chargex. We do all the back end work for strata mangers, building managers and strata committees alike.

Infrastructure now, Chargers later

Installing new EV chargers into every car space at the moment may not be within your budget, however, installing the infrastructure, setting up the load management system and installing the hardware necessary to make it all work will be much more cost friendly and will allow your building to easily manage the future expansion of your buildings EV charging network.

Ongoing support

When you upgrade your buildings EV charging infrastructure with Chargex, we will be able to provide ongoing support into the future as your building expands it's requirements for new EV charger installations.

Having back end access to your system, we can install and manage new EV charger installations into your building as they are required.

EV Management


Easily summarize EOFY vehicle running costs for Tax purposes 

Provide apartment charging to your tenants

Increase the interest generated in your property for rent or sale.

Get ahead of the curve and futureproof your building for EV's

Our chargers connect via wifi or wired data connection (customer preference)
which allows for easy cost tracking and billing management


Fast & convenient EV charging while your at home

Chargex EV charging Sydney
Chargex EV charging Sydney
Chargex EV charging Sydney
Chargex EV charging Sydney

EV charging infrastructure installed into any apartment building is an easy way to show a progressive attitude towards the future.

Easy to use App compatible with most smart phones

Easy to implement into most buildings

Set a great example to surrounding buildings and communities 

Install standard or FAST chargers to suit your requirements

Futureproof developments and attract more buyers 

Never exceed the buildings peak electrical capacity

Which products do we work with?


Rolec EV charging Sydney


Teltocharge EV charging Sydney

Get your building ready for the future 


Convenient EV charging while you sleep 

App can be used and installed into single dwelling homes

Offer tenants EV charging options and attract more rental value

Increase overall building value

Easily manage electricity usage and make sure lots are billed correctly 


Offer customers EV charging options

Attract customers to shop while they charge

Increase overall building value

Tax benefits 

Monetize EV chargers in your building.  


Perfect for fleet charging requirements

Easily manage and track electric service vehicles   

Become a more eco friendly business, attracting more customers and incentives

Decrease overall vehicle costs

Tax benefits 

Chargex EV charging Sydney
Chargex EV charging Sydney




Our quality of service and product delivery is important to us and we know it is important to you too.We aim to provide you with the best investment for your home or business, with a high quality experience from start to finish!


Investing in your future or the future of your business can be a fulfilling experience and we're here to help make that experience worth it.

We do all the work for you, from the first estimate to your completed EV charging infrastructure installation. Simple and hassle free. You can be sure your investment is in good hands with Chargex.


Finding the right advice for your project can be just as important as the upgrade itself.

Knowing key information about your building and energy usage can help us determine the best install type for you.


We understand meeting project deadlines are important, so we strive to maintain great communication and professionalism whilst also keeping focus on key project targets and expectations.


The foundation of Chargex was built upon the conviction of playing a role in reducing our carbon impact.Allow us to assist you in reducing yours as well and lets make a difference together!


At Chargex, our skilled installers and knowledgeable staff have an in-depth understanding of EV charging infrastructure systems.Rest assured that your building upgrades are being executed by seasoned experts, giving you the peace of mind that comes with a job well done!


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